Electric Vehicle System

Electric Vehicle System

Air International has a strong commitment to a green/clean environment and a transition to renewable energy. We have been deeply involved in developing innovative systems to manage the unique thermal management challenges of EV and HV vehicles.

The needs of high-voltage powertrain components and the needs of cabin occupants are related. Our global engineering team and network of world-class suppliers has a solid track record of delivering thermal control solutions that address both.

We have been working with our EV and EREV OEMs in the past 3 years to design and develop both the battery and low temp (electronics) cooling systems for these developing powertrains.

We have completed CFD analysis of the systems; built a prototype buck for airflow testing at our wind tunnel facility and provided these OEMs with our engineering recommendations to meet performance requirements. 

We will supply the EV and EREV OEMs with HVAC modules for battery cooling and new low temperature radiators and brushless fan assemblies for the low temp cooling circuit, which will be used to cool the inverters and battery charger.

We prioritize the voice of customers in every step of engineering development. Our proven process of benchmarking, simulation, and rigorous testing ensures that we hit our primary target: exceeding customer expectations.