Product Technology

Product Technology

Air International started making custom air conditioners for luxury cars in 1982. We have been delivering premium comfort to consumers - and value to OEMs ever since.

Vehicle Applications
See illustrations of how AITS systems apply to passenger cars, SUV/MPVs and EV/PHEV/Hybrids.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
Our HVAC products are keeping occupants comfortable in almost every vehicle class and size sold around the world. We design and deliver system for every price point and luxury level, including the most sophisticated multi-zone systems with automatic controls.

Engine Cooling Systems
We provide engine cooling solutions for the entire spectrum of powertrain applications. We design and supply complete condenser/radiator/fan modules (CRFMs) as well as components to the world's leading automotive manufacturers. Read more about our complete line of engine cooling products.

Thermal Control Systems
Air International provides climate control modules to fit every vehicle segment and powertrain in both manual and automatic formats.

Electric Vehicle Systems
Air International has a strong commitment to a green/clean environment and a transition to renewable energy. Working with several OEMs, we have developed innovative systems to manage the unique thermal management challenges of electric and hybrid vehicles.